2016 #30dayswild #30diwrnodgwyllt

Last year, I managed to complete a daily blog for #30DaysWild, but this year has taken a different turn. The response hasn’t been on a daily basis – but it’s been equally as dramatic! Today is the solstice- complete with a full ‘Strawberry’ moon. A once in 70 years occurrence. Once in 70 years to consider and contemplate things differently.

Beth felly sy’n wahanol?

So, what has happened over the last 20 days?

I started the month in London. What a great place to start searching for a connection with nature.

Mae’r arwyddion yn glir:


We strive for greenery. On building sites. In city centres. Why make it superficial?

When being tourists we look at landmarks.


Edrychwch mwy i’r dde / Shift the focus to the right – et voila!


Pam nad ydym yn talu sylw i’r coed? When do we focus on trees?


Not just from a natural history perspecitve – but purely from a historical one.

Over 50,000 people are estimated to have been executed here between 1300 and 1783. Now that’s wild.


On returning to Wales, time to reflect


Living near the coast, brings multiple opportunities to be wild; every day.


But many of us harbour fear. (Pardon the location pun!) Why?

In a local car boot sale (every Saturday in Burry Port weather permitting), a lot of people were disturbed by the flurry of swarming flying insects. What were they? Bees? Flies? Wasps? They certainly created a panic.

Wedi f’ysbrydoli gan #30DiwrnodGwyllt, dyma fi’n tynnu llun er mwyn darganfod enw’r creadur oedd wedi achosi cymaint o bryder. Falle na fyddwn wedi trafferthu i neud hyn heb ysbrydoliaeth #30DiwrnodGwyllt. Pam fod angen esgus i fod yn chwilfrydig?

These were the culprits:


Summer Chafer Beetle – Amphimallon Solstitiale.

Yes, – Solstitiale; the solstice / Yr heuldro.

It’s all in the name!

Looking back at last year’s entries, the blue tit that flew into the window was almost duplicated by a similar incident with a young house sparrow.

At first, it didn’t look promising:


Ond, ar ôl 15 munud:


And then after 25 minutes, she flew away. Quite a recovery!

Once again this year, birds are a big part of the wild adventure. We now have a close relationship with our robin (who I call ‘Jac’ even though he’s not a sparrow!)

Mae aderyn du benywaidd hefyd wedi dechrau ‘canu’ a ‘galw’ am fwyd. Mae hi’n hynod o gyfeillgar. Am drysor amhrisiadwy!

My daughter Heini has always been interested in skulls, snake skins and skeletons. Perhaps it’s the letter ‘S’ she drawn to! On a garden exploration, we found this frog skeleton near the compost heap.


To complete the circle of life, I found this baby frog today. Less than the size of my thumbnail!


Mae nerth rhyfeddol tu ôl i gylch bywyd y byd natur. Mae cymaint o’r ffeithiau tu hwnt i ddeallusrwydd pobl – a dwi ddim yn rhagweld hyn yn newid wrth i ni foddi yn natblygiadau sy’n seiliedig ar ‘wybodaeth’ ac nid ‘deallusrwydd’.

So, there we have it. 21 days in. 9 days to go. I wonder what’s around the corner?!



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