24.6.15 – 30 days wild #24



How often do we look in any cyfeiriad with the intention of reacting to what we see?

The consummate response to the world around us pre-wheel.

When in the act of not looking, a buzzard crosses the path

as the friction of rubber on tar

contrasts with the mute airborne mastery

of imposing feathers and claws.


Symbolic flowering pabi transferred from continent to migrating continent.

And framed by a glimmer of humanitarian hope with solar borne seeds of alphabets.


A journey proffering “Ildiwch” as an opportunity

Ildiwch i’r groesffordd unig ar y draffordd di-derfyn


The very crëyr of our existence

stoically stalking the reachable depths of possibilities


Diolch i Lôn Las Menai am yr ysbrydoliaeth gwyllt heno!

Thank you to the Lôn Las Menai Cycle Path for tonight’s wild inspiration!



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