25.6.15 – 30 days wild #25


Painted Ladies


Addewid yn hytrach na digwyddiad uniongyrchol yw’r weithred ar gyfer heddi’.

Mae cylch bywyd iâr fach yr haf yn un rhamantus sy’n cydio’n nychymyg y mwyafrif ohonom. Gwyrth y newid a’r trawsnewid.

F’addewid ar gyfer heddi yw i chwilio am un iâr fach yr haf arbennig iawn drwy’r haf. Creadur sydd wedi cyflawni cylch bywyd wrth newid ac addasu’n gorfforol, ac yna, yn ei hanterth, hedfan i fyny at 100 milltir y diwrnod er mwyn mewnfudo. Ie, 100 milltir y diwrnod am greadur mor eiddil a gosteiddig. Mae gwyddonwyr yn darogan y bydd miliynau ohonynt yn glanio ym Mhrydain dros yr haf. Gobeithio cawn nhw groeso yng Nghymru!


Today’s connection is a wild promise rather than a wild event. How wild is that?! I also assume that I’m part of a large collective of people who share a common amazement at the life cycle of a butterfly.

The miracle of transformation.

The power of change.

My promise for today is to try and find as many Painted Lady butterflies as I possibly can over the summer months. This butterfly is equally as amazing as other butterflies, then it adds the phenomenal boast of being able to fly up to 100 miles in a day. The majority of Painted Ladies found in the UK are migratory. How can such a fragile and delicate creature physically manage to fly 100 miles in a day and navigate across continents? Scientists are predicting that millions of them will land in the UK this summer. I hope all painted ladies receive a warm Welsh welcome!


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