26.6.15 – 30 days wild #26


Coryn tŷ House Spider Tegenaria


Beth sy’n achosi ni i ofni ambell i greadur yn fwy na’i gilydd. Alla’i ddeall yr angen i ddianc wrth lew, teigr, eirth neu hyd yn oed trisedi. Pam fod corynnod mor frawychus i ni? Beth allwn ni neud i adfer y sefyllfa? Rhywbeth i’r ysgolion ystyried? Rhywbeth i bob rhiant ystyried?

Dwi erioed wedi deall pam fod llygod mawr yn ffyrnig, a wiwerod yn ddeniadol? Pam fod dolffiniaid yn bert a tiwnaod yn salw? Pam nad ydym yn bwyta ‘tuna free dolphin’? Pam fod gwylanod yn derbyn cymaint o anfri ar Radio Cymru!

Tu allan oedd y coryn bach ‘ma. Nid yn y tŷ. Fel Robert the Bruce, pe bawn ni gyd yn dal i fyw mewn ogofeydd, mi fyddwn yn rhyfeddu ar gryfderau unigryw y corryn bach – yn lle neidio ar ben soffas a gweiddi!

What makes us fear some animals more than others? Bears, tigers, lions – even charging cows or bulls I can understand. But I’ve never understood why spiders cause such a big reaction. What can we do to remedy the situation? Pass it to schools to sort it out? Ask parents to become pro-active? It’s obviously an evolutionary development that humans have only started to dislike spiders since moving into their concrete castles.

I’ve never understood why rats are feared and squirrels are deemed to be cute? Why is a dolphin considered prettier than tuna? Why aren’t we eating ‘tuna free dolphin’? Why are seagulls getting such bad publicity at the moment? They should sack their press agent and hire a new one!

I think this spider I found was a house spider – even though I found him outside. Apparently, they don’t actually like our houses (apart from when it’s overtly wet or cold outside).

I can understand Robert the Bruce’s logic when it comes to spiders. If we all lived in caves then spiders would truly be inspiring to us all – and we would’t be able to jump on sofas whilst screaming at a ridiculously high pitch!


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