27.6.15 – 30 days wild #27


Sglefrod Môr A fish out of water


Even out of water, jelly fish always strike me as being exquisite (apart from when I scooped one in my palm whilst swimming and I screamed like a transgender opera singer.) Luckily, there was no such reaction this morning on Burry Port beach.

exquisite a. & n. [-]

  1. 1.a.(a):(=refined, beautiful): cain(ceinion), celfydd, coeth, cywrain,Lit:occ: cyfewin, mirain, dichlyn, dillyn, meinwych(meinwychion), meindlws(meindlysion), meindlosf(meindlysion), odiaeth, odiaethol exquisite taste chwaeth goeth(b):(=acute, keenly felt): dwysbigol, treiddgar, angerddol, odiaeth exquisite sensibility hydeimledd dwysbigolm exquisite pain dygn boen, poen tost, poen dost, poen tostlym, poen dostlem exquisite pleasure pleser odiaeth, pleser odiaethol, pleser angerddol, pleser dwys, pleser llesmeiriol, pleser perlesmeiriol 2. n.pefrynm(pefrynnod)

Tomorrow I’m going to #GoGadgetFree – so two blogs on Monday.



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