29.6.15 – 30 days wild #29


Reaching into the unkown


Mi roedd diwrnod heb dechnoleg ddoe yn briodol ac yn berffaith. Gydag un diwrnod ar ôl, mae rhaid cydnabod cymaint dwi wedi gwerthfawrogi a mwynhau y bwriad sy’n sail i “30 Diwrnod gwyllt”. Mae’n syniad sy’n cynnig cymaint o sbort, addysg, cysytlltiad a bwriad.

Ar gyfer y diwrnod ola’ ond un, mi ddaeth cyfle i ail-ymweld â fy hoff goeden. Coeden Derw ar bwys ein cartre’ teuluol yn Heol y Glyn. Mi roedd y goeden yma wedi cynnig 2 beth i fi:

  1. 1.Cyfle i ymlacio wrth orwedd ar gainc cyffyrddus am oriau yn ystod yr haf.

  2. 2.Cyfle i brofi dewrder wrth ymestyn i dwll tywyll di-waelod.

Nid yw Grand Theft Auto yn agos iddi.

Yesterday’s gadget free day was another masterstroke by the 30 Days Wild team. With the final day upon us, I have to acknowledge how much I’ve enjoyed the last 29 days. Being aware of a ‘goal’ does change the course of events during that day. “30 Days Wild” is a great scheme – full of fun, education, connection and intent.

For the penultimate day, I visited my favourite tree from childhood. An oak tree near our family home in Heol y Glyn. This tree has offered me 2 things:

  1. 1.A chance to lie on one of the branches and escape into a world of sun-baked utopia.

  2. 2.A chance to challenge my fear by reaching into the seemingly bottomless pit of a dark hole full of danger, peril and excitement.

Who needs Grand Theft Auto?


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