10.6.18 30 Days Wild #10 House Sparrow


Bore ma, mi ddaeth aderyn y to ifainc at ein drws. Nid oedd popeth yn dda – naill a’i wedi ‘gadael’ y nyth yn rhy gynnar neu wedi hedfan i fewn i’r ffenest. Rhoddwyd yr aderyn bach yng nghysgod y tato yn yr ardd gan obeithio y bydd ei rhieni yn ei ddarganfod. Mi fuodd e’n cyddio’n dawel bach am ryw awr – ond wrth i ni fynd i chwilio amdano’n ddiweddarach, dim ond plu oedd i weld. Yn anffodus i’r aderyn bach, mi roedd ei gyfnod wedi dod i ben ac mi roedd cylch natur wedi troi unwaith eto.



This morning, a house sparrow came to our back door. It had either fledged too soon, or possibly flown into the window. We placed it in the shade of the potatoes in the garden in the hope that it’s parents could carry on with the fledgling support.

Unfortunately, when we went to check an hour later, there was nothing to be seen other than a cluster of feathers. We can only assume magpies, jackdaws or the like. The chick had only survived a very short time on this planet – but the cyclical nature of life rolled on relentlessly.


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