11.6.18 30 Days Wild #11 Robert the Bruce’s widow


Wedi treulio diwrnod yn cymoni’r garej heddi – ac wedi bod yn nghwmni coryn arbennig drwy’r dydd! Dwi’n meddwl falle taw’r coryn cwb cwningen oedd hi – ond mae un peth yn sicr, mi odd hi’n fam arbennig! Mi fuodd hi’n gwylio’r wyau / sach yn ofalus iawn ac yn benderfynol o aros with ei ochr beth bynnag â ddaw. Cefais gyfle i gadw llygaid arni drwy’r dydd – dim ond y 2 ohonom, radio 3 a garej sy’n dechrau edrych tamed bach mwy trefnus!

IMG_7136.JPG     IMG_7138.JPG      IMG_7137.JPG


So today was a day spent trying to instigate some shape into the messy and overcrowded garage. But what seems messy and overcrowded to us is sometimes the perfect haven for some of our cohabitants! So today it was a day shared with what I think may be a rabbit hutch spider (steatoda bipunctata). It certainly looked like one of the false widow spiders. One thing is certain, she’s an excellent mother and stayed in close proximity of her egg sac all day. They were neatly positioned on an old chain – so I decided to leave that for another day to give them all a chance to hatch. I checked on her regularly – and struck up a conversation whilst listening to radio 3.  She was great company – but I’m not sure she approves of my desire to clean the garage!


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