24.6.18 30 Days Wild #24 Let’s not get caraway

Today was a chance to connect people, land and nature through the generosity of Mr & Mrs Stevens from Waun y Gwiel. What a great day. To walk through rich farmland (and the definition of rich keeps evolving in the world of agriculture) guided by knowledgeable and inspiring hosts is the best way to enter the final week of #30DaysWild.


Un o’r pethau unigryw am y diwrnod oedd y cyfle i ddarganfod planhigion sy’n perthyn yn arbennig i Sir Går. Mae pob cae, lawnt, gardd yn creu cyfraniad hollbwysig i beth sy’n digwydd ar draws y byd.



And the introduction to a plant that thrives successfully here and areas like Cornwall. The coal fields offer a bed of sustenance to a select group of plants. One such plant is the whorled caraway.


Without the guidance and knowledge of today’s company, I would pass and ignore this plant. Ignorance is our greatest enemy. Today I gained a measure of enlightenment!


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