25.6.18 30 Days Wild #25 Batty menagerie

Amser ar gyfer ystlumod heno wrth imi dderbyn gwers arall gan Heini.

With my chart and my bat detector I feel like a novice in a MENSA meeting. But it’s fun. Hearing the bats and the speed of their echolocation is amazing. If you don’t have a bat detector, I highly recommend you get one. They’re not expensive and they’re fascinating!

With 18 species of bats in the UK they make up nearly a quarter of the UK land mammals.



Wrth i fi edrych ar yr ystlumod, dwi’n rhyfeddu ar y ffordd mae nhw’n rhagori arnom mewn cynifer o alluoedd. Mae nhw hyd yn oed yn gallu clywed pryfed yn cerdded ar y gwair.

There are plenty of pipistrelles tonight and a larger bat that we think is a Noctule. One flies very close to me. With the bat detector offering an audio awareness it feels like a very powerful animal when the mute button is removed!


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