26.6.18 30 Days Wild #26 Rail Fail

We’re on a rail to nowhere . . . .

I admire the 19th century engineering and graft to build railways alongs inhospitable terrain. One such line was the Gwendraeth Valley line. But nature has, and is continuing to reclaim the track. It’s regressing into the swamp en route to Pontiets:


Mae hen linellau’r gorffennol yn diflannu o’r dyfodol fodfedd wrth fodfedd.


Mae’r camlas yn cario dŵr o hyd – heb lo neu gwch neu Galch.


But multiple examples of some discarded and unwanted cargo are taking over the banks.

Himalayan balsam is about to burst into flower – and that means more seed dispersal and future expansion. Nature has no boundaries.




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