27.6.18 30 Days Wild #27 Helios / Haul / Sol

So we now have a spell of weather that guarantees a new generation of kids that grow up and confidently state, ‘When I was young, we had summers that lasted for months’. And this kind of forecast is still unusual for Burry Port:


We become so weather obsessed that we always benefit from a reminder of how magical, potent and mind-blowingly amazing this life force actually is.

Mae’n dwym. Mae’n lleddol. Mae popeth yn profi pa mor fregus yw’r cydwbysedd rhwng dŵr a gwres. Mae’r ardd a’r trigolion o’i gwmpas i gyd yn llipa!

It won’t be surprising if we soon end up with drought warnings. It won’t be surprising that humans will instantly moan and grumble about our ‘right’ to unlimited heat, water and food.  When that day of inevitable depletion finally arrives, we will feel very primitive indeed and so far removed from our all knowing ancestors



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