28.6.18 30 Days Wild #28 Diary of the Last Man

This is my first time to directly reference literature as part of my 30 Days Wild. To sit outside on such a balmy evening and re-read this diary has been a perfect way to start bringing these 30 Days to a close.

Y lleuad a’r llanw sy’n llenwi sylw pan mae’r ddau yn coroni’r mis fel arfer. Ond cyfle i werthfawrogi’r geiriau oedd uchafbwynt heno. Ac mae’r geiriau ‘ma’n bwerus. Mae nhw’n cyffwrdd gwaelodion y stumog ac uchelfannau’r ymennydd.


Spending 30 Days of exploration and connections with nature invariably offers more questions than answers but it certainly heightens the senses. This may be why this collection of poems provoked such a strong emotional response. The writing may appear bleak, but so is my personal outlook when it comes to the callous relationship between mankind and nature. This writing is beautiful.


Something tells me that I will be returning to this collection time and time again.


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