13.6.20 30 Days Wild #13 Pleser y waun

My entry for #30DaysWild on 6.6.19 (still available to read!) referred to a local meadow. What a treasure it’s become. The irony is that it’s only in this condition because it has outline planning permission for a large housing development. The agricultural neglect (due to this change of use) has really made this place come alive.

Sharon came to me yesterday and asked if I’d been there lately. She’s also on a 30 Days Wild location watch-out!

The first thing to strike you about this place is the number of Burnet moths enjoying and flourishing in their own nursery.

I initially thought they were cinnabar moths – but that was my ignorance and one of my main revelations of the day.

The second one related to the actual identification of the type. And I thought of Bruce Langridge from the Gardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru. He also asked the question re: moth identification. So, is this the 5 spotted burnet? Or, the narrow-bordered 5 spotted burnet? The name didn’t matter today. It was just a pleasure to see so many of them (and their numerous pupae).

And then a few additional surprises.

? Gwibiwr / Large Skipper / Ochlodes sylvanus

And below, is this the same 5 spotted burnet – but with the rare yellow colouring?

The water droplets, the numerous grasshoppers, the spider dens were just stunning

And wandering in this diverse rich treasure of a land, I wish I had money to buy it. To keep it as it is. I also wished I lived in a country where the ruling government would govern the land and ensure that we had these parcels of national heritage in pockets at regular and close intervals across the country to fully ensure what our national identity and global contribution could truly be. Environment – education – identity – nature – nation – wealth.

I also thought of the joys of what was personally ‘discovered’ today – but also what remain personally uncovered. I wish I could walk this land with some heroes such as Trevor Roach or Andrew Stevens.

There were other multiple sighting such as

But perhaps, no not perhaps, definitely my greatest smile was reserved for this little beetle on a blade of grass disguising him/herself against my naive draw towards butterflies and moths. Trying to focus on the burnet behind, my camera was telling me ‘hang on you twat, what do you think you’re missing?’

Can you see it?

Diwrnod gwyllt i’w chofio.

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