23.6.20 30 Days Wild #23 Life is a pane in the glass

Pwy yw’r creadur bach ‘ma ar y ffenest? Pam ma’ fe ‘ma? Odyw e’n edrych ar y byd tu fas? Neu’n chwilio am loches yn y byd tu fewn? Pam dwi’n ei alw ‘fe’ yn ‘fe’? Nage ‘hi’ yw ‘hi’?

On the kitchen window is a fly. Or is it a beetle? From what I’ve discovered, it’s probably a wasp. A female wasp – with a long ovipositor for laying eggs. The length of the aforementioned ovipositor would suggest that she targets insects that are normally hidden – such as wood boring beetles. I enjoyed her company for 10 minutes before letting her out. I assumed she wanted to go out. I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

I wish I knew more about her. I don’t even know her name.

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