24.6.20 30 Days Wild #24 Morgrug

GPS. Satellite. Weather forecasting. Meteorological tracking.

And we still can’t get it right.

Heddi’, ddigwyddodd hyn. Mae’n digwydd bob blwyddyn – ond weithiau yn anhysbys mewn byd lle ni gyd tu fewn achos ‘mae rhy dwym’.

Not the best pics, but today, the local ants decided to fly. Independently and collectively, they demonstrated how to be in tune with the natural world without GPS or weather forecasts. Nests in the same locality take to the air on the same day. At the same time. How? How do they know? Please tell me!

The weather? Air Pressure? What happens if that particular year doesn’t reach that temperature or air pressure? How do they still know when to appear?

The queens mate with males from different colonies and set up a new nesting site. So timing is important. The human equivalent would be that we all stay indoors close to someone we like. We never leave the house. We then decide that we will leave the house sometime between June and September but we won’t tell anyone. We can leave the house once, for an hour. What’s the chances that there will be someone else outside at the same time? It’s bonkers!

Mae’n gyfle hefyd i greaduriaid eraill i gael gwledd o brotein. Mi roedd y gwylanod yn clochdar eu hapusrwydd i bawb glywed.

Un peth sy’n sicr. Mi fydd fory yn ddiwrnod ffein – ma’r morgrug wedi cadarnhau y darogan!

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