25.6.20 30 Days Wild #25 Night and Day

English is a strange language. Very strange. In anticipating 30 Days Wild for today I found this ermine moth in daylight today:

Gwyfyn Ermin / Buff Ermine / Spilosoma luteum

It made me think about my bias towards daylight hours in 30 Days Wild. But that’s the fault of the name isn’t it? It’s not in the Welsh ’30 Diwrnod Gwyllt’ which covers 24 hours and separates dydd (day) from nos (night) that both form a single ‘diwrnod’ (24 hours – with no equivalent English word)

I like the Icelandic “sólarhringur” which means “sun-circle” and covers 24 hours with “dagur” meaning day. We live in sun circles.

To capture some nocturnal wildness, I recently bought a trail camera. The captured videos are better than the images, but it’s introduced me to 2 of the creatures that pass our bedroom on a very regular basis.

When Mr Badger and Mr Fox are on their rounds, I’m fast asleep. I wonder what that Ermine moth was thinking about being in the wrong half of the sólarhringur? Or is there only a right whole with no halves? It’s like a nychthemeron to me!

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