27.6.20 30 Days Wild #27 Awesome blossom

2020 being the year that it is, has allowed me to become friends with one particular tree in the garden. When I sat under this tree in April, it was full of blossom and full of bees.

Dyma loches i gynnig llonyddwch a heddwch.

And then April became May, and this is the way the formative fruit looked on the 1st June

Tair wythnos yn ddiweddarach, wrth i’r heuldro gwibio heibio, dyma’r cynnydd sy’n profi bod y tymhorau yn brwydro ac yn llwyddo. Sdim saib i sugno’r symudiad.

As the 30 Days Wild of 2020 comes to an end, I sat under the tree again. No collective thoughts worthy of typing here. Just a moment. A fleeting, passing moment. But the march towards harvest continues. This is what 3 weeks growth looks like –

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