28.6.20 30 Days Wild #28 Blowin’ in the wind

Shwd mae’n bosib disgrifio rhywbeth sydd ddim i’w weld? Shwd mae’n bosib tynnu llun rhywbeth sydd ddim i’w weld?

Na’i fyth anghofio storm 1989 a chryfder y gwynt oedd yn gwneud hi’n amhosib i agor y drws ffrynt neu hyd yn oed i allu sefyll lan yn yr ardd wrth i do y Swyddfa Bost hedfan heibio. Enghraifft o rym a chryfder byd natur sydd ddim i’w weld yn aml yng Nhgymru.

Today I wanted to capture some of the pseudo tropical gusts that have been with us all day. But how do you do that? How do you take a picture of something that can’t be seen? Nature has such force at its disposal. Every single human on planet earth is aware of that this year. Normally, it’s segregated into different regions which may or may not feature on the news. There may or may not be a charity appeal to help that region to recover depending, of course, on where it is.

After a few different attempts that didn’t capture anything of the wind, I lay on the floor and watched our two silver birch and a whitebeam bend, yield, rebound, flex, deflect and recover. Everywhere around us, there are examples of how to survive anything that is thrown at us. The trouble is we don’t listen – and we don’t understand the language anymore. We used to, but not anymore. We still have translators we can call upon, but they’re generally involuntarily redundant. They are the soon-to-be extinct minority.

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