29.6.20 30 Days Wild #29 Too mushroom for bugs

Cerrig wedi’u ail-gylchu a hen badell bywdo moch sy’n creu gwesty newydd i bryfed erbyn hyn. Ni wedi agor y system archebu – ac mae nifer o bryfed wedi dangos diddordeb yn barod (ambell un wedi gosod blaendal!)

We have a new bug hotel in the garden and it’s getting quite a few booking enquiries (especially as a potential winter retreat). It has a number of rooms – some are on-wheat. We even has some fleas from France – they itch-hiked it all the way here. They really like the place – it’s like their own Bugingham Palace.

The cap is actually an old pig trough. Whether or not we get many guests – at least the cap is in a place where it can be appreciated and find a new life. It used to be a place where someone once hogged food, it’s now a roof with a twist in the tale.

The bench in the last picture is for human that want to rest their legs and enjoy the view. I could bore you with how I made it from recycled wood – but it’s probably time I stopped bugging you – until tomorrow!

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