01.06.21 30 Days Wild #1 Mediterranean travellers

It’s #30DaysWild again.

My recollection of the time since my last #30DaysWild is now like my Zoom background. Blurry. Indistinct.

I need this. I probably need it more and more each year. But I feel it this year. I guess we all do. The difference.

A pha ffordd gwell o ddechrau anturiaeth eleni na thrwy mwynhau hufen iâ yn yr haul. Awyr las. Awel y môr.

So, it’s a gentle start to the adventure this year. Porth Tywyn harbour. The sea breeze and the search for a rare visitor.

Apparently there’s been sightings of a mediterranean gull here for the last couple of weeks. A relatively unusual sighting for this harbour.

During a time when our relationship with Europe, travel to Europe and travels from Europe aren’t what they used to be, I just wanted to start the month with a sighting and a shout of ‘Croeso aderyn bach’.

Dim sôn amdano heddi. Digon o bethau eraill, ond dim gwylan môr y canoldir i’w weld yn unman.

But then I realise once more that the most exciting part of #30DaysWild is that you plan one thing, but end with something different. It’s not what you’re looking for that counts. It’s simply the process of looking.

That’s it. Dyna’r cyfan.

And today’s special surprise was the opportunity to watch and be watched by this rock pipit. Me with my ice cream. Him/her with their little acknowledgement that I’m going to enjoy the next 29 days.


Corhedydd y Graig / Rock pipit

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