04.06.2021 30 Days Wild #4 Helyg a’r gwynt

From a gardening perspective, it hasn’t been the best of Spring growing conditions. Cold, wet, very cold and wetter.

Vegetables normally thriving by beginning of May have been dormant, stagnant and unresponsive.

But there’s a difference between the time adherence of a gardener compared to that of mother nature.

Mother nature knows. She knows you know.


Weithiau, mae rhaid aros. Magu amynedd.

As May entered the final days, nature sent a clear message that warmer weather was on its way. More importantly, warmer weather with enough moisture for germination.

And that’s when clouds of willow seeds suddenly started flying overhead. Yes, later than last year. Much later than last year. But nature moves to a different measure.

The act of sitting and watching the seeds travel effortlessly over great distances is one of the best and most relaxing of sights. It’s never part of #30DaysWild in June. But it almost made it this year.

The Welsh word for Willow is ‘Helyg’. It sounds like a Harry Potter character.

The seeds magically disperse in huge numbers. Carried by fair winds, landing on warm, moist soil – or even some barren, cold concrete. Where there’s a willow, there’s a way.

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