05.06.2021 30 Days Wild #5 When your subject matter drops out of the sky

During those times when you wonder ‘What can I write for 30 Days Wild?’, something inevitably drops on you out of the blue.

And that’s what today’s post is about.

When something dropped out of the blue.

“Come quick, the herring gulls are mobbing another gull on the lawn”

And sure enough. There was a dead gull on the lawn.

Ac mi roedd tua dwsin o adar yn hedfan mewn cylch uwch ein pennau.

Rhyw naws arallfydol.

Rhywbeth aneglur i ni pobl.

Rhywbeth tu hwnt i’n deallusrwydd.

The cacophony had now muted to an eerie silence. Gulls circling above us with some form of communication beyond our comprehension.

But it felt strange.

This gull hadn’t been mobbed. No blood. No pecks. No sign of a fight. This gull appeared to have dropped out of the sky. And the other gulls understood more in that moment than we do in a lifetime.

They were responding. There was a lot going on – and we weren’t part of it.

This was a strange one.

Un i’w chofio.

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