07.06.2021 30 Days Wild #7 We need bees

This is already my second reference to Theatr na nÓg and it’s only day 7. There will be another reference next week!

They made the news this week; by making live theatre – about bees.

Watch it here

A news item.

About bees.

And theatre.

So, tonight I sat by the geums and watched the bees.

There are more than 250 species of bee in the UK. Bumblebees, mason bees, mining bees.

There are 24 UK species of bumble bee.

I don’t know many of them. I need to up my game. I need a plan B.

So, from what I can see. I’m guesstimating that this is the ‘Early bumble bee, bombus platorum’

A worker and a male? Gladly welcome a correction if anyone has it.

The UK bumble bee species now include the reintroduction of the short-haired bumble bee that has been brought back from extinction:


By “been brought back from extinction”, I mean that the UK has been saved by the agricultural policy of Sweden.

That says a lot about agriculture.

That says more about Sweden.

That says everything we need to know about the UK.

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