08.06.2021 30 Days Wild #8 Rare snow yeti in Porth Tywyn

Wrth gerdded bore ‘ma, dyma ddod o hyd i dystiolaeth newydd i brofi bod y ieti Eira wedi ailgyfodi ym Mhorth Tywyn (ym mis Mehefin)

Beth arall gall e fod?

Mochyn Daear?

Pwdl mawr?

Ffeit rhwng mochyn daear a pwdl mawr?

Sdim ots am ymateb y gwyddonwyr. Dyma brawf o fodolaeth y ieti eira – moel.

Found some badger hair this morning. All white badger hair. Or the hair of a yeti.

But then, thanks to the badger trust, I found the following:

Albino badger

The albino badger is a light coloured animal and has mostly creamy white hair, though it’s unlikely to be completely white.  The eyes will probably be red or pink in colour. 

Leucistic badger 

The leucistic badger is a condition where there is a partial loss of pigmentation which gives the animal an appearance of patches of light colour on the hair.  There is no loss of pigmentation in the eyes, so the eyes will be black. This helps distinguish the difference between an albino badger or leucistic badger.

Erythristic badger

The erythristic badger has mainly sandy or gingery colour hair on the back and sides and the hair on the underbelly can be a shade of red. The eyes will normally be light brown in colour but in some cases they may have a reddish appearance.

Melanistic badger

A badger which is extremely rare is the melanistic badger and sightings of this animal are uncommon. The pigmentation of a melanistic badger is mainly black. The eyes will be black.

As the melanistic badger is very, very, very rare; it’s definitely one of those. Except it’s not black. It’s white.

So, it could be a fight between 2 badgers.

Or a yeti.

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