21.06.2021 30 Days Wild #21 Chwilod a chywilydd

Today, I let myself down.

I let my friends down.

I let my family down.

And I let Alfred Russel Wallace down.

I wasn’t sure what to write about. I can’t write about the solstice on this day each year. On second thoughts, why not? You could write about it every day for the rest of your life and still have a new thought every day.

I could write about Venus and Pollux in close proximity during the night of the day with longest daylight hours.

But I was thinking about this lovely beetle chart from the Wildlife Trust

And then this morning, in the office, I had this little visitor.

Did Alffi bring him in – did he find a little gateway to this arid land?

Neidr gantroed – brown centipede.

And when I put him out, I thought, “Yes, today’s all about coleoptera” (I’ve been banging on about birds and flowers enough to have a 24 hour break)

And then I found this little chap.

And this is where I let myself down. What sort of picture is that? How on earth can anyone identify this?

It’s just not good enough!

Ok – I didn’t pin him on a board and take a magnifying glass to make sure that everything was identifiable.

And at least he or she is still wandering happily around the garden.

But what if it’s a strawberry beetle?

Or one of the capsid bugs?

Why do I know the name of every specimen of ‘beatle’ and hardle any of the genus ‘beetle’?

Simply not good enough.

Next time, I will be a better naturalist.

What’s in a name?

Everything Mr McCartney, Mr Harrison, Mr Lennon and Mr Starr.

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