22.06.2021 30 Days Wild #22 Bricking it

Today is a chance to introduce some industry into this year’s 30 Days Wild and to address my general wild lack of geology or geography references.

So, today I’m bricking it.

And the tenuous link from yesterday is; beetles – Alfred Russel Wallace – Pontneddfechan – Craig y Dinas – silica & clay & lime – furnace bricks. Dinas bricks are now common across the world – but they were first created in South Wales by the botanist and potter William Weston Young.

Here are some of my bricks in the ‘nyth’.

But I have 2 favourites – a beautiful irregular and inconsistent Swansea Brick found whilst Heini and Sam were renovating their house.

And this one:

According to the excellent http://www.industrialgwent.co.uk/g51-westwales/index.htm#llanelly this is from my local patch in Mynyddygarreg. The lime kilns built for the brickworks are still there – overgrown and reclaimed by nature from where the story started.

Not a living hearbeat and perhaps not the typical 30 Days Wild entry but created because someone had an understanding of the natural elements.

Compare the back of this brick with a fragment from Porth Tywyn beach – possibly from the furnace of the old Carmarthen Bay Power Station.

Sandstone, clay & lime,

by name,

a brick

capturing time

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