26.06.2021 30 Days Wild #26 The meadow hangs on.

One of my favourite wild days from last June was the time spent in a local meadow that has been offered a temporary golden era by the unexpected release from agriculture. The bittersweet outcome of this burgeoning biodiversity is due to the impending arrival of full planning application for a building site.

But, the good news is . . .

the very good news is . . .

it’s still there.

And it’s still stunning.

And it’s still awaiting planning

So, it has to be treasured for what it is during this golden restbite from planning destruction.

The irony of creating a golden moment of natural diversity due to being sandwiched between agricultural neglect and planning destruction is a clear indication of how easy it is to recreate promised lands of natural wealth.

They need very little investment and will cost the taxpayer nothing!

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