27.03.2021 30 Days Wild #27 Pagan a chapel

You can read that as ‘pagan a chapel’ neu fel ‘pagan a chapel’

Nid fu’r capel erioed yn le cyffyrddus na chartrefol i bagan fel fi. Ond mae rhinweddau arbennig yn perthyn i’r llefydd sy’n parhau i gynnig noddfa, gwarchodfa a llochesi cysegredig – hyd yn oed heb gynulleidfa dynol.

I’m not a church or chapel-goer. But there’s moments of peace and tranquility to be found on sacred sights; and this one is no different.

Sundays are for everyone.

The mighty oak outside (the traditional yew inside)

But on the way home, one of the family of mighty oaks is no more

And there’s a void.

A space.

A missing piece.

A void that will take 100 years to fill . . .

and a 100 teeth to fell.

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