29.06.2021 30 Days Wild #29 Devil’s-bit Scabious a thamaid y cythraul

Back at Theatr na nÓg today.

Some work on a pollinators area with the incredible support of Keep Wales Tidy and some volunteers.

So this (which has been cleared), had another clean and still had this amount of plastic under the low foliage.

Ni ar Stad Ddiwydiannol. Wrth gwrs mae sbwriel. Ond mi roedd darganfod cymaint o blastig mewn darn mor fach o dir wedi’i glirio’n barod yn sobor o boenus. Ac eto, yng nghanol y frwydr, nid oedd natur wedi cilio.

Melyn y Drain / Opisthographis luteolata / Brimstone Moth

So, just a short time later, a great collection of pollinators, including the devil’s-bit scabious (Tamaid y cythraul) which is the source plant food of the Marsh Fritillary, which rounds thing off nicely in an Alfred Russel Wallace kind of way.

And of course, the canal he travelled on is just around the corner.

So there we have it. A great day. One more wild day left. It’s going to be a good one.

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