30.06.2021 30 Days Wild #30 Diolchgarwch

D’oes unman yn debyg i gartre’

I really do appreciate where I live.

And that’s how I chose to celebrate the final day of another brilliant #30DaysWild/

So, down to Parc Gwledig Penbre.

Along a little lane passing Rhafnwydden y Môr / Hippophae Rhimoedes / Sea Buckthorn, Pisgwydden Dail Bach / Tilia Cordata / Small-leaved lime and Afalau Surion / Malus Silvestris / Crab Apple.

And on the floor, a multiple of colour and joy.

Top Tegeirian Bera / Anacamptis pyramidalis / Pyramidal Orchid, Pupur y fagwyr / Sedum Acre / Biting Stonecrop, Moron y Maes / Daucus carota / Wild Carrot, Pys llygod / Vicia cracca / Tufted Vetch and Astragalus crassicarpus / Ground-plum

Such diversity with industrial reminders everywhere

The natural reclamation is well under way

And my destination

A pre-medicinal pillbox with postcard views in all directions

Where swallows have left their mark

And humans have left theirs

There’s something non-threatening and very textured about this place now. It’s become acclimatised to its location and has diversified from military to nature hide with ease and artistic merit.

And this is already becoming a highlight for the month.

Until I get to photograph my first Clochdar y Cerrig / Stonechat.

And I think of those men who, 80 years ago, spend continuous days and nights here and must have seen the most incredible sights and learnt so much from nature. Could they risk writing it down? Or face court marshal? Has anyone created that log of nature created within war?

I can’t help thinking of the use of ‘war’ as a definition of our fight against Covid 19. Language is potent. Whatever this is, it doesn’t feel like a war to me. Nature is re-defining her relationship with us. There’s no escape from that now. Perhaps that’s the way it should be.

And this 30 Days Wild has been incredible once again. I’ve learnt so many new things.

Not all the Ash have died.

New shoots of recovery are in the midst of preparation for even newer growth.

And how should #30DiwrnodGwyllt end in 2021?

Well, what would be perfect, is if anything other than a walker, cyclist or jogger should happen to pass.

A dyna ni.

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