15.06.2022 30 Days Wild #15 The common and now depleted blue

I ddechrau, mae rhaid sôn am y lleuad neithiwr ac echnos. Lleuad llawn i’w edmygu a’i werthfawrogi. Nagodd e’n hyfryd?

Today’s encounter with the natural world still makes me smile. I was mowing the lawns (the parts that aren’t ‘no mow May’).

I was quickly accompanied by two companions. Firstly Mr Robin was following me in the hope of finding a delicacy – or possibly to remind me that I hadn’t topped up the bird feeding table for the third time this morning.

Secondly, what I think was a female common blue was obviously agitated by the noise and vibrations of the mower and was hopping ahead of me in search of a safe haven.

Glesyn cyffredin benywaidd / Polyommatus icarus / Female common blue

They always seem so small, fragile – and clumsy. I kept steering the mower in the opposite direction but it kept landing in front of me.

In the end, I just switched off the mower and tried to kneel down, take a picture and embrace the different mindset that I now try to carry for most of the year – but especially during 30 Days Wild.

As always happens, the world slows down when you just stop what you’re doing and put yourself at the centre of the natural world. It was a moment of tranquility.

I was about to take a clear pictures when, in a flash, Mr Robin pounced on the fragile butterfly and paused for a second with the butterfly in its mouth and gave me a very curious look before flying away.

I couldn’t help but smile. The admiration for the butterfly had quickly transformed to the admiration for the circle of life. But I kept thinking about the look the robin gave me. I’d seen it before somewhere, but couldn’t think where.

And then I remembered.

It’s the same look that I sometimes give to people that keep taking pictures of their food to put on social media.

It seems that Mr Robin also recognised that look.

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