17.06.2022 30 Days Wild #17 K9-free plogging

Nifer o bethau cyffrous a gwyllt heddiw.

Lots of wild and wonderful things today.

Firstly, the robin chicks have hatched. Mr and Mrs Robin are now frantically feeding whilst we carry on in close proximity. Mr Robin liked to perch on my foot when I was pruning yesterday. It made moving around a little bit awkward.

Also, lockdown 2020 offered an opportunity for me to start running. I’ve never been a ‘runner’. And I hadn’t run at all for over 20 years. But running a mile a day for over 200 days was a good way to kick start a revival. I now run 3 days a week and I’m pleased to say that I’m now able to run a marathon every month. Yes, a marathon every month. It takes me a month to run a marathon!

So today was my ‘long’ run of the week. I my favourite route is along an old canal. It’s an industrial canal – and more like a brook but is accompanied by a lovely cycle track thanks to those wonderful Europeans who used to give us money to improve our lives.

Running along this canal is more about plogging than jogging.

Start Plogging!

Plogga is a growing movement founded in Sweden, with the simple idea to pick up garbage and jog. The name is an acronym of the swedish words for picking and jogging—’Plocka och jogga’. But it doesn’t need to be jogging. You can walk, canoe, skateboard, cycle—whatever way you choose to get outside and move.

Plogging was started by Erik Ahlström in Sweden and has spread across the globe. One idea. One person. Huge difference.

On today’s plog, I saw a basking slow worm, privet flowers with their not so sweet floral scent, decapitated vole (I really wish domestic cats weren’t feral) a fresh house sparrow fledgling enjoying day 1 of (hopefully) multiple days wild and multiple sweet wrappings, plastic bottles and cans. I like the strange looks I get when carrying an empty can of Fosters whilst jogging / plogging.

Also found some large colonies of green fly aphids:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0542.jpg

Large aphid colonies aren’t great for the host plant, but there’s always someone who’s grateful for the protein.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is photo-2022-06-16-10-18-42-3.jpg
Llun: Elen Evans

Mae’r tywydd yn arbennig heddi’. Cyfle i neud bach o waith tu fas am weddill y dydd. Mae angen creu rhywbeth i gadw’r dŵr sy’n llifo oddi ar y to pan mae’n glawio. Cyfle i greu hafan i ‘Berwr y Dŵr’ hefyd.

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