21.06.2022 30 Days Wild #21 Sun (sol) stands still (sistere) but the noctule does not

Late last night, I heard the echolocation calls of a noctule bat for the first time.

You can listen to it here with thanks to https://www.bats.org.uk/about-bats/what-are-bats/uk-bats for their excellent resource.

What an amazing feeling. Heini called it the ‘hip-hop artist of the bat world’. I like that.

There are 18 species of bats in the UK, but until today, I’d never listened to them all. The variety is equivalent to that of birdsong. Hyfryd.

So, last night was about this:

The sight and sound of that Ystlum mawr / Nyctalis noctua / Noctule bat made the 2022 solstice one to remember.

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