22.06.2022 30 Days Wild #22 A little bird told me this story

On our patio – we have a miniature cherry tree that has just passed its seasonal prime.

The spring bloom was incredible this year. But the photographer forgot to capture the image to share with you all (getting someone better next year).

Since about 10 days ago, a male blackbird has been feasting with relish. So much so, that the tree is now down to its last couple of bright cherries.

Some of the fallen cherries have resorted to trying to re-connecct with the shadow of their previous existence.

This morning a juvenile blackbird came on a desperate search and told me this story.

A long time ago (two weeks in the world of the Mwyalchen), there was a happy home of very contented blackbirds.

It wasn’t long before the youngest blackbird was ready to leave home and find his own path in life. He relished the adventure that lay ahead and left with the energetic passion shared with so many juveniles.

He adored his new world and it was everything he hoped it would be. Apart from one thing. The one thing he had hoped for above everything else. He simply couldn’t find the treasures that his father had told him about.

So, he was forced to return home and await his father’s return.

“How are you son? I didn’t expect to see you so soon”

“I’m good, dad. Really good. I love it here.”

“But . . “

“Ah, there’s always a but”

“No, not always, but, this time, yes, there is”


“I’ve spent a very long time (1 day in the world of the Mwyalchen) searching for those red, sharp, sweet, fruit bombs that you used to bring to us when we were small (5 days in the world of the Mwyalchen). Where can I find them?”

“Come with me and I’ll show you”

They flew the short distance to the free sweet shop, but found that the shelves were bare.

“There’s none left”, said the disappointed juvenile.

“Not to worry”, replied the father.

“What am I to do now?”

“Wait. Patience is a virtue”

“How long for?”

“Until this time next year.”

“Next year?!” (That’s 35,002 days in the world of the Mwyalchen). “Why so long?”

“Because that’s the agreement we have between us. The tree will be re-stocked just when we need it most. When you have young to feed.”

“That sucks. But it makes sense, I guess”.

“Yes, it does”.

“If it’s an agreement, what does the tree get in exchange?”

“Well, in exchange, we shit the seeds far and wide to help the family tree”

“You what?”

“I know. That’s nature for you”

“That’s a really good agreement”.

“Yes, it is, isn’t it.”

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