23.06.2022 30 Days Wild #23 Bugs Matter update and roses run wild

Es i am drip i Aberystwyth heddi’ am y tro cynta’ mewn o leia’ pedair mlynedd. Atgof o heulwen a’r arfordir ar ei orau. Ni’n byw mewn gwlad hyfryd.

A long journey today (over 120km) and the bugs matter survey finally brought some results.

5 bugs on the number plate. I’m not celebrating the death of 5 bugs, but that’s such a small number for such a long journey. I wonder how the results will fare this year?

As an antidote, a local household garage hasn’t seen a car for a long time. Nature is undertaking its own rewilding scheme.

Nature is an excellent rewilder. Perhaps we should give her a lot more opportunities. She’s good to go anyday of the week. Any time. Any where. Let’s just give her that chance before she has to do it despite and directly because of our actions.

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