25.06.2022 30 Days Wild #25 All about the robin

So, just over 3 weeks ago, I talked about the robin that had decided to re-locate and start afresh in our newly finished potting shed. (No government funding / start-up help required)

On the first of June, the newly completed nest had 5 eggs.

Today, the fledglings were starting to distribute themselves around the garden.

At least one was still in the nest.

At least one had made a bigger leap into the garden hedging.

And one became an ornament on the shelf.

During the evening, we kept an eye on the chick moving around and continuing with the feeding.

In laying the eggs, the female invested the equivalent of up to 90% of her own body weight.

The initial feeding was all natural insects with nothing from the bird table going to the chicks. Organic, local produce is obviously very much in vogue.

Now that they’re maturing quickly, the adults and mixing the insect menu with some of the suet from the bird table seed mix.

The whole adventure will be completed from start to finish within the 30 Day Wild timeframe. That alone is enough to render me numb with admiration.


Today (26th June) is very windy and we have a rhubarb patch behind the potting shed.

Look closely. Very closely.

Rhubarb leaves must be like being in the Millennium stadium with the roof closed.

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