26.06.22 30 Days Wild #26 Tato o’r ardd a ‘Birdsong in a time of silence’

Mae’r bore wedi pasio rhwng cadw llygaid ar gywion y Robin a chasglu cynhaeaf yr ardd.

Supper all sorted. Growing your own potatoes offers a taste that you can’t find from any cold storage supermarket. It also opens up a new world of varieties and flavours. This year was about ‘Home Guard’ and ‘Charlote’. Excellent crop from both.

Ma’ gwyntoedd cryf trofannol eu naws o gwmpas heddi. Felly pnawn o ddarllen sydd ar y gorwel weden i.

Received this lovely present recently. According to his literary agent, “Having been a librarian, cleaner, life model and teacher, Steven Lovatt now works as a writer and editor. He lives in South Wales with his partner and three children.” That’s already a very interesting life if you ask me. It’s also a very engaging book.

I might just open the window for a backing track whilst I’m reading.


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