28.06.22 30 Days Wild #28 Are spectacles the best invention ever?

Whilst passing the lettuce in the garden, I thought I saw a ladybird. So I took a picture in case was useful for today’s entry. Who wouldn’t want to read something interesting about the appealing and wonderful ladybird, right?

Dyma’r cyfnodau pan dwi’n gwerthfawrogi sbectol am y cyfoeth a’r cywirdeb ma nhw’n cynnig yn ddyddiol.

So, with the clarity of reading glasses and a computer screen, I realise that this is no ladybird. And I don’t know what it is. What do we have in our garden? In our salad?

A larva, a small slug with piles, a germinating seed?

Any ideas?

Growing chemical-free organic produce is the pathway to one exciting adventure after another.


I’ve been in pursuit of the U.C.O. (Unidentified crawling object) and I think I have an answer. I sealed off the area, dressed in my forensic overalls and undertook a detailed search of the area.

In the vicinity of the U.C.O., I quickly noticed the proximity of Cini Bêns (French Beans) overlooking the scene of the sighting.

An entry warrant was issued for a search of the identified lettuce.

A possible suspect was quickly identified.

All evidence will now be handed over to the optician pending further investigation..

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