29.06.22 30 Days Wild #29 A flower gifted with pride.

Mi fydd yfory’n cynnig diweddglo ar 30 Diwrnod Gwyllt am eleni. Bydd rhaid i fi chwilio am ‘uchafbwynt’ i goroni’r cyfan. Neu falle cyfres o uchafbwyntiau.

In preparation for the culmination of 30 Days Wild tomorrow, today was a chance to reflect with a gift I received from Elen for my birthday. It’s been here for a fortnight, but it’s lasting well!

Slightly modified it may be, but it fills me with the intended pride.

I’m very proud of Elen and Heini and all that they’ve achieved.

My regret is that the world that they inherit isn’t in a healthier state. That’s the fault of my generation, and I never anticipated that to be the case even 25 years ago. It brings a guilt and a sadness that I feel deeply, and should be felt by everyone. Our planet should be the core principle of every movement, every protest, every government, every campaign and every mission statement. Without it, nothing else matters. Nothing at all.

I know that the next generation are more aware. I trust that awareness will lead to change.

But, perhaps it’s even the generation after Elen and Heini and the generation after that.

I’m so sorry that we’ve left you so much to do.


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