30.06.22 30 Days Wild #30 Multiple simple, short moments carry a large clout

O’n i wedi bwriadu neud rhywbeth amlwg heddi – ond wedi dal rhyw fath o anwyd neu rywbeth, felly digon o ymlacio a gorffwys fel uchafbwynt i’r mis. Ac mae hynny’n iawn hefyd. Mae cynifer o bethau bach wedi cyfrannu i’r mis eleni. Digwyddiadau eilradd. Eiliadau annisgwyl. Darganfyddiadau diddorol. Fel cyfanwaith, mae wedi bod yn fis cofiadwy iawn.

As a teenager, I loved the little collection of ‘The Observer’s book of . . . ‘ that we had in the house. I still have my favourites (and it seems I added whisky to the collection a few years later)

As a teenager, I always imagined that I would be a wise and curious old man and that keeping all the books would give me the time and opportunity to read them all like a man locked in the library on a Friday evening and discovered on the Monday morning with a manic demeanour and unrecognisable smile.

I still have the books, but I’m not the person I imagined I would be. I’m possibly better in some ways – and recklessly underachieving in other ways.

And the plans for today have to be re-adjusted as I succumb to a serious and crippling man-flu.

My plans for a celebratory little walk have been shelved and the garden has once again become the Wild inspiration for Day 30.

It’s been a good month. Thought-provoking and probably fully-recognising the impact of change that’s happening in our world and how that is filtering down to each and every one of us.

But, the star of the month has once again been Mr & Mrs Robin.

They forced their way onto the set at the beginning of the production and have been there every day of the 30.

The fledgling chicks are still being fed in our garden, but not all of them made it. One remained in the nest to be organically broken down with the moss and leaves that gave it a short-stay nursery.

It’s been a cold and windy week. Perhaps too much of a strain for the parents – and Mrs Robin has not been seen for a couple of days.

The intensity of the urge to survive has been phenomenal in its sharing. It’s an intrinsic element for all wildlife of course, but the robins brought their house and story into ours and made us a part of the journey. We were complicit in their survival by preserving the nest and ensuring regular grocery home deliveries.

The garden has been full of juveniles this week. Starling, jackdaw, house sparrows, hedge sparrows, gulls, blue tit and robin.

I’m guessing by tomorrow, there will be another couple of residents checking out of their rooms and finding their independence.

The couple of minutes I spent watching this interaction is typical of everything about this past month. Each and every one of those minutes were new, invigorating, confirming and precious.

Here’s to next year and everything in between.

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