2016 #30dayswild #30diwrnodgwyllt

Last year, I managed to complete a daily blog for #30DaysWild, but this year has taken a different turn. The response hasn’t been on a daily basis – but it’s been equally as dramatic! Today is the solstice- complete with a full ‘Strawberry’ moon. A once in 70 years occurrence. Once in 70 years to consider and contemplate things differently.

Beth felly sy’n wahanol?

So, what has happened over the last 20 days?

I started the month in London. What a great place to start searching for a connection with nature.

Mae’r arwyddion yn glir:


We strive for greenery. On building sites. In city centres. Why make it superficial?

When being tourists we look at landmarks.


Edrychwch mwy i’r dde / Shift the focus to the right – et voila!


Pam nad ydym yn talu sylw i’r coed? When do we focus on trees?


Not just from a natural history perspecitve – but purely from a historical one.

Over 50,000 people are estimated to have been executed here between 1300 and 1783. Now that’s wild.


On returning to Wales, time to reflect


Living near the coast, brings multiple opportunities to be wild; every day.


But many of us harbour fear. (Pardon the location pun!) Why?

In a local car boot sale (every Saturday in Burry Port weather permitting), a lot of people were disturbed by the flurry of swarming flying insects. What were they? Bees? Flies? Wasps? They certainly created a panic.

Wedi f’ysbrydoli gan #30DiwrnodGwyllt, dyma fi’n tynnu llun er mwyn darganfod enw’r creadur oedd wedi achosi cymaint o bryder. Falle na fyddwn wedi trafferthu i neud hyn heb ysbrydoliaeth #30DiwrnodGwyllt. Pam fod angen esgus i fod yn chwilfrydig?

These were the culprits:


Summer Chafer Beetle – Amphimallon Solstitiale.

Yes, – Solstitiale; the solstice / Yr heuldro.

It’s all in the name!

Looking back at last year’s entries, the blue tit that flew into the window was almost duplicated by a similar incident with a young house sparrow.

At first, it didn’t look promising:


Ond, ar ôl 15 munud:


And then after 25 minutes, she flew away. Quite a recovery!

Once again this year, birds are a big part of the wild adventure. We now have a close relationship with our robin (who I call ‘Jac’ even though he’s not a sparrow!)

Mae aderyn du benywaidd hefyd wedi dechrau ‘canu’ a ‘galw’ am fwyd. Mae hi’n hynod o gyfeillgar. Am drysor amhrisiadwy!

My daughter Heini has always been interested in skulls, snake skins and skeletons. Perhaps it’s the letter ‘S’ she drawn to! On a garden exploration, we found this frog skeleton near the compost heap.


To complete the circle of life, I found this baby frog today. Less than the size of my thumbnail!


Mae nerth rhyfeddol tu ôl i gylch bywyd y byd natur. Mae cymaint o’r ffeithiau tu hwnt i ddeallusrwydd pobl – a dwi ddim yn rhagweld hyn yn newid wrth i ni foddi yn natblygiadau sy’n seiliedig ar ‘wybodaeth’ ac nid ‘deallusrwydd’.

So, there we have it. 21 days in. 9 days to go. I wonder what’s around the corner?!



30.6.15 – 30 days wild #30


Unfinished business


Wel am brofiad sobor o bleserus oedd ymuno â’r ymgyrch ar gyfer 30 Diwrnod Gwyllt. Mae rhaid diolch i’r ymddiriedolaeth bywyd gwyllt am eu gweledigaeth.

Mae’r 30 diwrnod wedi dod i ben – ac mae wedi gwneud gwahaniaeth pendant i’r ffordd dwi wedi cysylltu da’n nghynefin. Mae cymaint mwy i neud. Ches i ddim cyfle i frolio ‘llyfr natur iolo williams’ – mae cyfraniad y llyfr ma at eirfa Cymru yn hollbwysig. Ches i ddim cyfle i sôn am gymaint o bethau eraill sydd wedi’u hysbrydoli gan fyd natur. Gobeithio y bydd un arall blwyddyn nesa’!

Yn y cyfamser, mi fues i’n ddigon lwcus heddi i orwedd ar lan y môr – ac arogli effaith yr haul ar bopeth o gwmpas. Arogl hallt a chynnes a ffordd perffaith i ystyried ac i gofio holl ddigwyddiadau anhygoel Mis Mehefin 2015.

Heno, mi fydd y planedau Iau a Gwener yn cynnig gwledd gweledol ar gyfer y dathlu.

Well, what an enlightening experience ’30 Days Wild’ has been. Hats off to the wildlife trusts for such an visionary and inspiring idea.

The 30 days are almost over – and I was amazed how much of a difference it made to the way I connected with my environment. There’s so much more to do. I didn’t get a chance to praise Iolo Williams’ Welsh Language nature book. What an amazing, priceless resource. I didn’t get a chance to talk about so many other connections. I just hope there will be another 30 Days Wild next year!

In the meantime, I was very lucky today to simply lie by the sea. Today’s heat has instantly transformed so many scents. Salty sea and summer sun – simply a perfect way to remember all the incredible connections of June 2015.

Tonight, Venus and Jupiter will display their finest conjunction of 2015 to celebrate.

29.6.15 – 30 days wild #29


Reaching into the unkown


Mi roedd diwrnod heb dechnoleg ddoe yn briodol ac yn berffaith. Gydag un diwrnod ar ôl, mae rhaid cydnabod cymaint dwi wedi gwerthfawrogi a mwynhau y bwriad sy’n sail i “30 Diwrnod gwyllt”. Mae’n syniad sy’n cynnig cymaint o sbort, addysg, cysytlltiad a bwriad.

Ar gyfer y diwrnod ola’ ond un, mi ddaeth cyfle i ail-ymweld â fy hoff goeden. Coeden Derw ar bwys ein cartre’ teuluol yn Heol y Glyn. Mi roedd y goeden yma wedi cynnig 2 beth i fi:

  1. 1.Cyfle i ymlacio wrth orwedd ar gainc cyffyrddus am oriau yn ystod yr haf.

  2. 2.Cyfle i brofi dewrder wrth ymestyn i dwll tywyll di-waelod.

Nid yw Grand Theft Auto yn agos iddi.

Yesterday’s gadget free day was another masterstroke by the 30 Days Wild team. With the final day upon us, I have to acknowledge how much I’ve enjoyed the last 29 days. Being aware of a ‘goal’ does change the course of events during that day. “30 Days Wild” is a great scheme – full of fun, education, connection and intent.

For the penultimate day, I visited my favourite tree from childhood. An oak tree near our family home in Heol y Glyn. This tree has offered me 2 things:

  1. 1.A chance to lie on one of the branches and escape into a world of sun-baked utopia.

  2. 2.A chance to challenge my fear by reaching into the seemingly bottomless pit of a dark hole full of danger, peril and excitement.

Who needs Grand Theft Auto?

27.6.15 – 30 days wild #27


Sglefrod Môr A fish out of water


Even out of water, jelly fish always strike me as being exquisite (apart from when I scooped one in my palm whilst swimming and I screamed like a transgender opera singer.) Luckily, there was no such reaction this morning on Burry Port beach.

exquisite a. & n. [-]

  1. 1.a.(a):(=refined, beautiful): cain(ceinion), celfydd, coeth, cywrain,Lit:occ: cyfewin, mirain, dichlyn, dillyn, meinwych(meinwychion), meindlws(meindlysion), meindlosf(meindlysion), odiaeth, odiaethol exquisite taste chwaeth goeth(b):(=acute, keenly felt): dwysbigol, treiddgar, angerddol, odiaeth exquisite sensibility hydeimledd dwysbigolm exquisite pain dygn boen, poen tost, poen dost, poen tostlym, poen dostlem exquisite pleasure pleser odiaeth, pleser odiaethol, pleser angerddol, pleser dwys, pleser llesmeiriol, pleser perlesmeiriol 2. n.pefrynm(pefrynnod)

Tomorrow I’m going to #GoGadgetFree – so two blogs on Monday.


26.6.15 – 30 days wild #26


Coryn tŷ House Spider Tegenaria


Beth sy’n achosi ni i ofni ambell i greadur yn fwy na’i gilydd. Alla’i ddeall yr angen i ddianc wrth lew, teigr, eirth neu hyd yn oed trisedi. Pam fod corynnod mor frawychus i ni? Beth allwn ni neud i adfer y sefyllfa? Rhywbeth i’r ysgolion ystyried? Rhywbeth i bob rhiant ystyried?

Dwi erioed wedi deall pam fod llygod mawr yn ffyrnig, a wiwerod yn ddeniadol? Pam fod dolffiniaid yn bert a tiwnaod yn salw? Pam nad ydym yn bwyta ‘tuna free dolphin’? Pam fod gwylanod yn derbyn cymaint o anfri ar Radio Cymru!

Tu allan oedd y coryn bach ‘ma. Nid yn y tŷ. Fel Robert the Bruce, pe bawn ni gyd yn dal i fyw mewn ogofeydd, mi fyddwn yn rhyfeddu ar gryfderau unigryw y corryn bach – yn lle neidio ar ben soffas a gweiddi!

What makes us fear some animals more than others? Bears, tigers, lions – even charging cows or bulls I can understand. But I’ve never understood why spiders cause such a big reaction. What can we do to remedy the situation? Pass it to schools to sort it out? Ask parents to become pro-active? It’s obviously an evolutionary development that humans have only started to dislike spiders since moving into their concrete castles.

I’ve never understood why rats are feared and squirrels are deemed to be cute? Why is a dolphin considered prettier than tuna? Why aren’t we eating ‘tuna free dolphin’? Why are seagulls getting such bad publicity at the moment? They should sack their press agent and hire a new one!

I think this spider I found was a house spider – even though I found him outside. Apparently, they don’t actually like our houses (apart from when it’s overtly wet or cold outside).

I can understand Robert the Bruce’s logic when it comes to spiders. If we all lived in caves then spiders would truly be inspiring to us all – and we would’t be able to jump on sofas whilst screaming at a ridiculously high pitch!

25.6.15 – 30 days wild #25


Painted Ladies


Addewid yn hytrach na digwyddiad uniongyrchol yw’r weithred ar gyfer heddi’.

Mae cylch bywyd iâr fach yr haf yn un rhamantus sy’n cydio’n nychymyg y mwyafrif ohonom. Gwyrth y newid a’r trawsnewid.

F’addewid ar gyfer heddi yw i chwilio am un iâr fach yr haf arbennig iawn drwy’r haf. Creadur sydd wedi cyflawni cylch bywyd wrth newid ac addasu’n gorfforol, ac yna, yn ei hanterth, hedfan i fyny at 100 milltir y diwrnod er mwyn mewnfudo. Ie, 100 milltir y diwrnod am greadur mor eiddil a gosteiddig. Mae gwyddonwyr yn darogan y bydd miliynau ohonynt yn glanio ym Mhrydain dros yr haf. Gobeithio cawn nhw groeso yng Nghymru!


Today’s connection is a wild promise rather than a wild event. How wild is that?! I also assume that I’m part of a large collective of people who share a common amazement at the life cycle of a butterfly.

The miracle of transformation.

The power of change.

My promise for today is to try and find as many Painted Lady butterflies as I possibly can over the summer months. This butterfly is equally as amazing as other butterflies, then it adds the phenomenal boast of being able to fly up to 100 miles in a day. The majority of Painted Ladies found in the UK are migratory. How can such a fragile and delicate creature physically manage to fly 100 miles in a day and navigate across continents? Scientists are predicting that millions of them will land in the UK this summer. I hope all painted ladies receive a warm Welsh welcome!

24.6.15 – 30 days wild #24



How often do we look in any cyfeiriad with the intention of reacting to what we see?

The consummate response to the world around us pre-wheel.

When in the act of not looking, a buzzard crosses the path

as the friction of rubber on tar

contrasts with the mute airborne mastery

of imposing feathers and claws.


Symbolic flowering pabi transferred from continent to migrating continent.

And framed by a glimmer of humanitarian hope with solar borne seeds of alphabets.


A journey proffering “Ildiwch” as an opportunity

Ildiwch i’r groesffordd unig ar y draffordd di-derfyn


The very crëyr of our existence

stoically stalking the reachable depths of possibilities


Diolch i Lôn Las Menai am yr ysbrydoliaeth gwyllt heno!

Thank you to the Lôn Las Menai Cycle Path for tonight’s wild inspiration!