02.06.2022 30 Days Wild #2 Robin the potting space

Mae’r robin wedi cyfrannu i bob un 30 Diwrnod Gwyllt ers y dechrau. Mae’n chware rhan amlwg a chyson yn ein bywydau yn ystod gweddill y flwyddyn hefyd.

No 30 Days Wild would be complete without a Robin story. And this year won’t certainly won’t be the first to break that pattern.

We have a robin that trains us every year. Comes to get us when it wants food. Makes sure that we are loyal and consistent. This year it even came into the house to get us when we’d neglected to feed it for at least an hour.

There are 3 robin nest boxes in the back garden – and one of them appeared to be doing it’s job with plenty of feeding suggesting a healthy brood.

But then, something happened. The frenzy feeding stopped and there was a dismembered chick wing on the patio. Some sort of mobbing had taken place.

One of the building projects this year was a potting shed / cold frame structure. Which was coming along very well.

Then I had a busy month and no time to finish the doors for the potting shed.

That’s when robin made a dash for proximity and thanked us for this ideal and spacious nest box.

On one of the shelves a container of miscellaneous items had a cushion placed on top of it to keep it out of the rain.

After a week of frantic activity, this appeared in between the garden sheers.

And that’s where we are today.

Keeping an eye on our very close robin’s nest that appears to be built within human safety to try and deter a further attack from an unwelcome predator.

Something tells me that we’ll be re-visiting this story again during the 30 Days Wild of 2022.

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